Since 2013 I’ve been working closely with CapiraTech, a company that provides access, knowledge and understanding through technology to public libraries. Their applications offer a personal look and feel, and even better, that patron-first experience. I met Mike Berse, one of CapiraTech’s founding members, in a previous job and was ecstatic when he came to me with the opportunity to work together again. He’s not only a genius (he was the company’s IT Director where I was the Senior Designer), but had the same drive as I to make it out on his own. I believed in his company’s vision of making technology not only more accessible for public libraries, but also completely customizable.

And that’s where I come in. Not having much experience with mobile design, I read through countless online tutorials and documents explaining industry standards, do’s and don’ts, and criteria. Mike also was a huge help in getting my initial designs off the ground. One of CapiraTech’s strongest selling points is that they allow each library to choose their design — which means I often present 2-3 initial designs and work until we all have a finalized concept.

Customizable aspects of these apps include:

  • Color scheme
  • Menu options
  • Icon design
  • Layout
  • Background designs

The first app I designed (White Plains Public Library) went off without a hitch, and we haven’t looked back since! CapiraTech is growing in leaps and bounds and I’m excited for the new opportunities it brings my way.

White Plains Public Library
Boone County Public Library
Middle Country Public Library
Media Source Inc
Somerset County Library System

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