App store design

Even after all these years of working with Capira Technologies, I continue to be excited and pushed creatively as they are constantly offering new services to their clients. The latest of these services include custom-designed images for the App Store (Apple + Android).

These App stores allow up to 10 images to display when a user searches to download an app. The goal is to make them exciting (“Yes, you want to download this app!”), but also informational, so the user understands what type of functionality they can achieve with the app.

Milton Public Library was the first library to sign up for this service, and I couldn’t be more pleased about the results. Taking their logo design and tagline (“Be Inspired” with a bee as their “mascot”), I created a subtle background to give the screenshots life, yet not distract from the information displayed on the screens.

I’m excited to see more of my designs available through the App stores, and look forward to coming up with new and exciting ways to display the information!