"Creativity is the ability to connect the seemingly unconnected."

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enichols design
enichols design

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Print Design

High-quality print products
created using standard pre-press techniques for both the professional and individual client!

Web Design

If you can imagine it, I can create it! Websites, HTML email marketing, banner ads—watch your ideas come to life in ways you never imagined.

Identity / Branding

From logo design to your overall branding needs—no job is too small.

My Work

About Me

enichols design

A 2006 Hofstra University grad, majoring in Graphic Design, I have been designing professionally for the past 6+ years. The majority of that time has been spent working within the publishing industry, although my freelance career has allowed me to work on projects in a vast majority of industries, including: commercial real estate, fitness, interior design, wedding/event design, user experience, motivational speaking, and more. I’ll take your ideas and make them come to life!

Clients include: High Style Decor LLC, Self-Publishing Book Expo, Inner-Light Publications, ExcelHelp.com, X-Ray Physicians Ltd, Highmount Capital LLC, A New Hope Center, Coco Imaging, KlippingsKollector.com, <insert your name here>.

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