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Real Estate Offering Memo

This Offering Memo was created for Heller Organization, a fully integrated real estate service firm specializing in Investment Sales, Leasing, Commercial, and New Development located in New York City. I was able to use the address, rough floor […]
Real Estate Offering Memo

Trade Show Booth Design

I worked with Westchester Publishing Services to create their booth for the BETT UK event. At a high level, Westchester wanted the design to be clean and clear, conveying their brand and initiatives to the 20k+ attendees. I […]


Having the ability to adapt to current events has never been more important than when dealing with the health crisis of COVID-19. Whether that means working from home, wearing a mask in public, finding new childcare – the […]

Magazine design

My proudest accomplishment to date in my career. I’ve spent the last 3 months working on the launch of Podcast Magazine, bringing Steve Olsher’s, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief, vision to life. I met Steve nearly 10 years ago […]

App store design

Even after all these years of working with Capira Technologies, I continue to be excited and pushed creatively as they are constantly offering new services to their clients. The latest of these services include custom-designed images for the […]
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