Infographic Round-Up

Infographic (definition from – a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. In the current world of technology and social media, businesses are constantly looking for quicker and more effective ways to convey information that will hold a viewer’s attention. Sometimes you only have 10 seconds to […]

Logo redesign … and redesign again!

A lot of times when a new client approaches me to create a logo, they haven’t quite figured out their desired “look.” Just as important as the logo itself is what, and who, it will ultimately represent. I like to start out with a much larger conversation in order to drill down to the heart […]

Branding Guidebook

Working with Prudent Lenders has been wonderful so far, and I’ve been pleased to have been brought on at a time when they were looking to rebrand their look. Working closely with their Marketing Director, we were able to create a full Brand Guide – complete with logo design, color palette, font choices, and a […]

Before and After – Redesign

It’s always nice to be able to help a business improve their “look.” A few months ago I redesigned the logo for Notre Dame Academy, and was ecstatic with the results. Because they now had this updated look for their logo, I’ve continued to work with them a few small print projects to bring their […]

Wedding Invitation Design

This has been a project that is near and dear to my heart – AND allows me to be my own client! I got engaged to the love of my life in March of this year, and since then have had the best time planning our special day. One of my favorite parts of this whole […]

T-Shirt Design Process

Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of designing a handful of t-shirts for a local print shop. Because of the inherent limitations of ink, and the printing process in general, it has been a great way to learn the ins and outs of special techniques for this type of design. First, all […]

Invitation Design

I work with clients from start to finish to create the perfect, completely customized, invitation suite. Each design is unique to fit the occasion, theme, and client’s design preferences. I’m available for hire to design invitations for: Weddings (includes full invitation suite: Invitation, RSVP, Directions, etc) Save the Dates (from printed mailer to refrigerator magnet, I’ll […]

Marketing Brand Campaign

I’m really excited to showcase my latest work completed for The Miami Executive MBA for Arists & Athletes. This was a long working relationship, as I was first hired back in June to take on a multi-pronged project. Finally, now in December, I can share my work and the process it took to get there! […]

Ask for it!

If you want something, make it undeniably clear. When dealing with clients, both new and old, I have a constant dialog in my head: “Should I ask for ___? No, that’s too much. No, they’ll think I’m selfish” …”But, I deserve it! But, I’m going to do a great job! But, I’m worth it!” Whether […]

Why You Should Hire a Designer

The topic of this post came to mind as a result of recent conversations with a few different clients. As with every new client-designer relationship, the first conversations are really about gaining trust and “figuring each other out.” As a designer, I’m trying to gain insight into what they want to accomplish and drill down to […]

Logo Design Process

Referring back to my post about “Making Designs Look Easy,” I wanted to show an example of some recent work that falls into that category. My client was looking for a complete branding and marketing campaign to promote a new MBA program at the University of Miami. As you can imagine, UM has very strict brand […]

Google is great!

Lately I’ve been getting an influx of new clients simply by “being Googled.” This is new to me, as the majority of my clients are word-of-mouth, and it brings an exciting new element to my business. I know my site is SEO optimized, but it still boggles my mind that I’m actually gaining traction on […]

Baby Showers INC branding

My latest logo design work is for Baby Showers INC, a boutique event planning and design service company based in New York City. I was so excited about this project because – who doesn’t love babies?! Katherine Komsa, Owner and Founder, had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to see for this logo, […]