Having the ability to adapt to current events has never been more important than when dealing with the health crisis of COVID-19. Whether that means working from home, wearing a mask in public, finding new childcare – the possibilities are endless for how this pandemic has affected our lives.

Personally, I’ve had to adapt my work days to accommodate two young children (my daughters – current ages 2 and 3.5 years old) being home full-time (who previously attended daycare). My husband is also currently working from home, and so far we’ve been successful at splitting child care 50/50 by switching throughout the day between working and watching the children. The days are long, but this time with them is invaluable.

With that said, my clients are adapting as well. Many have switched to full-time working from home, taking full advantage of the technology that allows us to do so (Zoom, Facetime, Google docs, and good old fashion phone calls and emails). The project featured here is an infographic flyer for one such client who needed to communicate their new rules and regulations to customers upon opening.

Here’s a close up of the customized graphics created to convey this message: