Trade Show Booth Design

I worked with Westchester Publishing Services to create their booth for the BETT UK event.

At a high level, Westchester wanted the design to be clean and clear, conveying their brand and initiatives to the 20k+ attendees. I did this by organizing the design in such a way that the logo, services, and URL sit by themselves on the back wall, uncluttered from any additional imagery (printed on 4m Foamex overlay).

We went through several design options for the right wall and top header, as shown in the below mockups:

This project ended up requiring a lot of math (which I love), because with each iteration I had to keep in mind the spacing between all elements, as well as the seam lines between panels (the entire design is ultimately comprised of 7 individual panels). Westchester was adamant about not having any book covers “split” by panel seams, so everything had to work together and stay within the specs for printing. Their team also decided to add a counter height cabinet in the corner, so any important imagery needed to accommodate for those dimensions as well.

It was decided that a less busy concept was the way to go — keeping the titles displayed to a minimum (completely removing them from the top header), and reducing the stock photos down to one.

I couldn’t be happier with the results!