Logo Design

I’m so happy to post this latest logo design – rounding out a pretty incredible 2015!

Kristine King contacted me to create a logo for her new event planning business. We had a great first chat about her design aesthetic, her likes, dislikes, and overall “vibe” for her company. Because, what’s more important than conveying a “vibe”?! 🙂

Right off the bat she mentioned that her style is very clean, classic, elegant — lots of whites, creams, pinks. She sent me a link to her in-progress website, and I immediately started to get visuals of the perfect logo. I wanted something feminine, unique, bold… something that captured the elegance of an event she would put on.

With just a few rounds of revisions – some tweaks here, some tweaks there – we came up with the final logo you see above. I couldn’t help myself (and absolutely love!) the play on her last name “King” – adding the small crown to the top. I envision the “KK” with crown symbol representing her company as a standalone icon down the road, once the brand is established.

I hope this logo kicks off her company with a bang, as well as stands the test of time and carries her through years of successful event planning!