Logo Design

Logo design for Steve Olsher‘s latest product: NICHETIZE! His description for this new product included:

A year-long coaching program where I help people identify their WHAT; the people they’re most compelled to serve, and nail their niche/expert status. Then we get into monetizing their WHAT via internet marketing, product creation, speaking, publishing, joint ventures/affiliates, public relations, etc.


I thought the very word itself was playful and unique. I wanted to convey that feeling, along with Steve’s request that it be “bold, powerful, proven, strategic, movement, propel.” I finally landed on a great font that I was able to customize in order to achieve the dynamic movement effect I was looking for.

The color scheme was chosen after a few back and forth rounds of proofs between Steve and I. I had initially chosen to stay with the blue theme found on his website so that this product would fit in nicely with his brand. He then requested to see a couple different options and at that point green was introduced into the mix. He really liked the correlation of green and money (helping people monetize their WHAT being one of the key points of this product), so I decided to combine the “Steve Olsher” blue (as I call it!) gradiating into the bold green. The outline and shadow added a nice finalizing touch – and it’s a wrap!