Logo Design

  • Modern
  • Simple
  • Monochrome (neutral) color

This was the primary art direction I received from my client at Pro Metal of NY Corp. I was contacted to create a new company logo, as up until this point they had been using the company name in plain text, but were looking for something more “designed.” However, they stressed the importance of neutral colors and simplicity. They also provided a great visual into what their product is (by googling “square duct work”):

After reviewing their website and these images, I suggested that a color palette of white/black/grey would work best with their current website design, as well as their product. Here are some of the iterations of logo options we went through during the design process:

Options 1
Options 2
Options 3

After a few rounds of internal debate on their team, Logo #1 from Option 2 was chosen. I think it’s a fantastic result!