Logo Design

I was tasked with designing a logo for a building that would reflect and fit in with other businesses in the area. Located in Williamsburg, NY (Brooklyn), the area was described as artsy, trendy, and yes… hipster! However, this logo was going to represent a possible commercial building so the client didn’t want to be too “off the wall.”

The building, originally named “Venus Knitting Mills,” was also seeking an update by shortening the name to “VKM.” In my first round of designs I displayed the “VKM” only, but found that the context of the name would really be necessary to bring the old and the new together. Eventually we decided to show both the shorthand and longhand version of the name, with a nod to the knitting theme using a ball of yarn.

I’m really thrilled with the way this logo turned out – a little bit rustic, and little bit modern, and all together eye-catching.