Why Pinterest is Awesome

You might already know why Pinterest is awesome (especially if you’re a woman [according to Nielsen]), but I’m here to advocate for the site from a designer’s point of view. Well, and a woman so maybe I’m bias.

As a designer who consults with businesses on a daily basis, one of my main objectives is to get into the head of my clients and find out what makes them tick. Why are they in this business? What do they like about it? What’s their main objective (both company-wide, as well as on a per project basis)? This process is one of my favorite aspects of the job. I allow the client talk — and oftentimes they become super animated and excited — mainly because this process brings them back to the root of it all. Forget the 6 PM deadline so “I DON’T CARE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE JUST GET IT DONE!”… this conversation instead allows them to focus on what’s important.

With that said, in addition to this conversation I often ask for examples of other work they like. Having a point of reference on design is EXTREMELY helpful, as we all know how subjective art is. I could create the most amazingly awesome print ad for a florist showing a bouquet of lilacs, but if the client hates purple, well, then, I’m screwed.

One way I love to follow up with the initial interview with a client is to get them into the wonderful world of Pinterest. I say “world” because honestly you could spend hours on this site and still find new material — the content seems endless! With clear search options, bold images, and ease of use (most things are “pinned” with 1 click of a button), this site makes it extremely easy to find and save ideas for later use. And that is what I ask clients to do — enter key search words in the search bar (i.e. “wedding invitation” “yellow invites” “photography logos”) and save any and all examples they like. I’m then able to view their board and know the type of design aesthetic they prefer.

Here’s a shot of my “Boards,” as they’re called.

I use my page mainly for design inspiration.

All hail Pinterest. And they’re owners seem pretty cool too. Always a bonus!