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Making designs look “easy”

Making designs look “easy” is both a blessing, and a curse. A blessing because ultimately – the design looks good! Tons of clients think so! They keep coming back to you for more work, you make money, and all is right in the world. A curse because said clients think it doesn’t take long to […]

Free Font Resources

Logotypes are some of my favorite projects to work on. I love trying to solve the problem of having to convey a company’s vision with as little “noise” as possible. A logo should be able to work in its simplest form — devoid of color, gradients, shadows, etc. You need the reader to know what […]

Why Pinterest is Awesome

You might already know why Pinterest is awesome (especially if you’re a woman [according to Nielsen]), but I’m here to advocate for the site from a designer’s point of view. Well, and a woman so maybe I’m bias. As a designer who consults with businesses on a daily basis, one of my main objectives is […] – WordPress help

Did you know that you can hire someone, literally within minutes, for help with any WordPress problems? Me either! I’ve been developing a lot of WordPress sites lately, and oftentimes I run into one or two roadblocks where I have no clue on Earth how to correct. Sometimes it’s as minor as changing the font […]