– WordPress help

Did you know that you can hire someone, literally within minutes, for help with any WordPress problems? Me either!

I’ve been developing a lot of WordPress sites lately, and oftentimes I run into one or two roadblocks where I have no clue on Earth how to correct. Sometimes it’s as minor as changing the font color of a link within a calendar — other times it’s something major like how to have an image slider appear on certain pages only. I hunt and peck, and hunt and peck for the solution. Adjusting css codes little by little (so frustrating when nothing is affected!!).

Well, on the latest site I am working on I just could NOT figure out the solution for a particular problem for the life of me. My first thought was to go through my list of friends and possibly ask someone for a favor. But after googling “WordPress help,” I found this awesome site: Could this be legit?! I saw that the going rate for most issues were $10 — practically nothing in the grand scheme of a website. So I figured what have I got to lose (besides $10)? Instead of choosing an “expert” and accepting their base rate, I decided to post my issue and let them bid against one another. Even better for me!

I will say that the problem I was posting about was a simple solution for a more experienced developer (I’ve only been making WordPress sites for about 4 months), so I knew that I would probably be paying for 5 minutes of someone’s time. If I had a more complex problem I definitely would have been willing to pay more — but all-in-all one of the developers responded (within minutes!) that he could easily help me, for $5. $5!!! Unreal! Too good to be true?!

But no — not too good to be true. Within a series of 3-4 emails he had totally resolved my issue and I had FINALLY solved a nagging problem I had been working on for hours. Amazing 🙂

I highly recommend this site – especially if you’re a beginner with WordPress development and design.