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Branding Guidebook

Working with Prudent Lenders has been wonderful so far, and I’ve been pleased to have been brought on at a time when they were looking to rebrand their look. Working closely with their Marketing Director, we were able to create a full Brand Guide – complete with logo design, color palette, font choices, and a […]

Marketing Brand Campaign

I’m really excited to showcase my latest work completed for The Miami Executive MBA for Arists & Athletes. This was a long working relationship, as I was first hired back in June to take on a multi-pronged project. Finally, now in December, I can share my work and the process it took to get there! […]

Baby Showers INC branding

My latest logo design work is for Baby Showers INC, a boutique event planning and design service company based in New York City. I was so excited about this project because – who doesn’t love babies?! Katherine Komsa, Owner and Founder, had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to see for this logo, […]

Caitlin Krause Fitness Website Design

I’m excited to announce the launch of my latest website design!: Caitlin had a pretty clear design direction (“clean, simple, sleek… yet with an edge”), and knew what functionality would be most important to her (“90% of users will be coming to this site to view my Class Schedule”). With that information, I created this […]

Email Marketing

One of the best ways in this day in age, with everyone so tapped into their mobile devices, is to reach them via email. Gone are the days of printed mailings being the most direct way of contact to your customers. Now, not only can you reach them wherever they happen to be (not just […]

A Logo Redesign

I recently redesigned the Web Site for my Dad’s office (nothing like keeping in the family!), and in doing so realized how badly he also needed a new logo. Oftentimes that happens with clients — as you delve into their current materials, you realize several elements of their branding also need a facelift. This is […] – WordPress help

Did you know that you can hire someone, literally within minutes, for help with any WordPress problems? Me either! I’ve been developing a lot of WordPress sites lately, and oftentimes I run into one or two roadblocks where I have no clue on Earth how to correct. Sometimes it’s as minor as changing the font […]