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Marketing Brand Campaign

I’m really excited to showcase my latest work completed for The Miami Executive MBA for Arists & Athletes. This was a long working relationship, as I was first hired back in June to take on a multi-pronged project. Finally, now in December, I can share my work and the process it took to get there! […]

Caitlin Krause Fitness Website Design

I’m excited to announce the launch of my latest website design!: Caitlin had a pretty clear design direction (“clean, simple, sleek… yet with an edge”), and knew what functionality would be most important to her (“90% of users will be coming to this site to view my Class Schedule”). With that information, I created this […] – WordPress help

Did you know that you can hire someone, literally within minutes, for help with any WordPress problems? Me either! I’ve been developing a lot of WordPress sites lately, and oftentimes I run into one or two roadblocks where I have no clue on Earth how to correct. Sometimes it’s as minor as changing the font […]