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Branding Guidebook

Working with Prudent Lenders has been wonderful so far, and I’ve been pleased to have been brought on at a time when they were looking to rebrand their look. Working closely with their Marketing Director, we were able to create a full Brand Guide – complete with logo design, color palette, font choices, and a […]

Marketing Brand Campaign

I’m really excited to showcase my latest work completed for The Miami Executive MBA for Arists & Athletes. This was a long working relationship, as I was first hired back in June to take on a multi-pronged project. Finally, now in December, I can share my work and the process it took to get there! […]

Logo Design Process

Referring back to my post about “Making Designs Look Easy,” I wanted to show an example of some recent work that falls into that category. My client was looking for a complete branding and marketing campaign to promote a new MBA program at the University of Miami. As you can imagine, UM has very strict brand […]

Baby Showers INC branding

My latest logo design work is for Baby Showers INC, a boutique event planning and design service company based in New York City. I was so excited about this project because – who doesn’t love babies?! Katherine Komsa, Owner and Founder, had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to see for this logo, […]

Malverne Public Library Logo Design

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been working with Capira Technologies LLC for over a year now. They’ve brought me so many exciting new opportunities, one being the chance to create new logos for the public library community. Oftentimes public libraries are working with a very tight budget and simply do not have […]

Self-e Logo Design

The Task: Create a logo for this new initiative, described by Media Source Inc (its founder) as: An Ebook platform that libraries can purchase and patrons can check out/share self-published works For Libraries Only – Upper Teens and Adult genres For self-published authors — helps them promote the availability of their book Previous Logo: Doesn’t exist! This […]

Syosset Public Library Logo Design

The Task: Redesign a logo for Syosset Public Library (SPL). Previous Logo: SPL is currently in the process of updating their online presence by creating a Mobile App for their customers, which led them to evaluate their current branding. And that’s where I come in! They contacted me to create a logo that would fit in with […]

Runner Clinic NYC

The Task: Redesign a logo for Runner Clinic NYC. Previous Logo: Russell Stram, Owner, Acupuncturist, and Physical Therapist, admittedly designed the original logo himself. Using elements of running, a red apple (symbolizing New York City – “The Big Apple”), which in then morphed into representing the red circle on the Japanese flag (his wife is […]

Free Font Resources

Logotypes are some of my favorite projects to work on. I love trying to solve the problem of having to convey a company’s vision with as little “noise” as possible. A logo should be able to work in its simplest form — devoid of color, gradients, shadows, etc. You need the reader to know what […]

A Logo Redesign

I recently redesigned the Web Site for my Dad’s office (nothing like keeping in the family!), and in doing so realized how badly he also needed a new logo. Oftentimes that happens with clients — as you delve into their current materials, you realize several elements of their branding also need a facelift. This is […]