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Branding Guidebook

Working with Prudent Lenders has been wonderful so far, and I’ve been pleased to have been brought on at a time when they were looking to rebrand their look. Working closely with their Marketing Director, we were able to create a full Brand Guide – complete with logo design, color palette, font choices, and a […]

Marketing Brand Campaign

I’m really excited to showcase my latest work completed for The Miami Executive MBA for Arists & Athletes. This was a long working relationship, as I was first hired back in June to take on a multi-pronged project. Finally, now in December, I can share my work and the process it took to get there! […]

Logo Design Process

Referring back to my post about “Making Designs Look Easy,” I wanted to show an example of some recent work that falls into that category. My client was looking for a complete branding and marketing campaign to promote a new MBA program at the University of Miami. As you can imagine, UM has very strict brand […]

Baby Showers INC branding

My latest logo design work is for Baby Showers INC, a boutique event planning and design service company based in New York City. I was so excited about this project because – who doesn’t love babies?! Katherine Komsa, Owner and Founder, had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to see for this logo, […]

Malverne Public Library Logo Design

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been working with Capira Technologies LLC for over a year now. They’ve brought me so many exciting new opportunities, one being the chance to create new logos for the public library community. Oftentimes public libraries are working with a very tight budget and simply do not have […]

Caitlin Krause Fitness Website Design

I’m excited to announce the launch of my latest website design!: Caitlin had a pretty clear design direction (“clean, simple, sleek… yet with an edge”), and knew what functionality would be most important to her (“90% of users will be coming to this site to view my Class Schedule”). With that information, I created this […]

Self-e Logo Design

The Task: Create a logo for this new initiative, described by Media Source Inc (its founder) as: An Ebook platform that libraries can purchase and patrons can check out/share self-published works For Libraries Only – Upper Teens and Adult genres For self-published authors — helps them promote the availability of their book Previous Logo: Doesn’t exist! This […]

Syosset Public Library Logo Design

The Task: Redesign a logo for Syosset Public Library (SPL). Previous Logo: SPL is currently in the process of updating their online presence by creating a Mobile App for their customers, which led them to evaluate their current branding. And that’s where I come in! They contacted me to create a logo that would fit in with […]

Email Marketing

One of the best ways in this day in age, with everyone so tapped into their mobile devices, is to reach them via email. Gone are the days of printed mailings being the most direct way of contact to your customers. Now, not only can you reach them wherever they happen to be (not just […]

Marketing & Branding Campaign for Wax Republic

When I met with Lisa from Wax Republic I new we would hit it off immediately. She was in the final stages of launching a waxing boutique ( and had a very clear vision of what materials she wanted to produce for its opening. When someone has all their ducks in a row as much […]

Runner Clinic NYC

The Task: Redesign a logo for Runner Clinic NYC. Previous Logo: Russell Stram, Owner, Acupuncturist, and Physical Therapist, admittedly designed the original logo himself. Using elements of running, a red apple (symbolizing New York City – “The Big Apple”), which in then morphed into representing the red circle on the Japanese flag (his wife is […]

Free Font Resources

Logotypes are some of my favorite projects to work on. I love trying to solve the problem of having to convey a company’s vision with as little “noise” as possible. A logo should be able to work in its simplest form — devoid of color, gradients, shadows, etc. You need the reader to know what […]

The Importance of Brand Consistency

First and foremost, I am a designer. I went to school and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design — but as mentioned in my last post about The Business Side of Design, you can’t be successful on your own without developing other necessary skills. As I started to take on clients of my […]